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Warmer and longer days in the saddle. – From the – south up
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Warmer and longer days in the saddle.

The Argentinian side of the Patagonian mountains is an endless ride of flat plains and pretty much nothingness for 250 miles at a time.

There wasn’t much to see here just gravel roads so I just rode all day every day for about 14 hours at a very very steady pace.

Once that long stretch was over I turned m back on the plains and headed west back into the wild Patagonian mountains. I had to across the border into Chile (again) and the temperature rocketed upwards to 25 C.

The first town I came to was Chile Chico, It was a bit of a surprise as it’s got it’s own micro climate and micro culture too, It was like entering a hot dusty Mexican town and all the houses we’re painted in bold colors like pink and yellow reminding me a lot of where the Simpsons live, Springfield I think it;s called.

Spent a few days recovering at the campsite In Chile Chico as it was pretty nice and felt like a real treat compared to the plains of Argentina, Each pitch had a little table with roof and a plug socket, so I got all my DSLR batteries and solar battery along with the laptop and phone fully charged, also a lovely cold shower which I can tell you was much needed by this point.

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  1. Brian Tyhy

    What an adventure. Loved you photography and film about the trip. Thanks for putting all the effort into sharing with the unknown internet. Cheers Brian Tyhy