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A fond farewell to the desert – From the – south up
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A fond farewell to the desert

Waking up in yet another beautiful place, this time in the Valle de la Luna, seems too good to be true!

In fact it probably is too good to be true too, I’m nearly out of water and food and my skin is crying out to be cleansed of salt and sand so it’s looking like my love affair with this valley has come to an end. The normal world full of other Humans is calling me back.

Well that was until I bumped into a very lovely Chilean family who were the first tourists of the day in the Valle de la Luna, the father tried picking up my bike whilst I did the  ‘no water’ mime to the mum who filled all three bottles up on the bike and some more in my main big bottle, they also gave me 3 bananas which pretty much gave me another day exploring the valley before heading into the next town for a battery change and shower on route to the Bolivian border.

I also finally worked out that sheltering for two hours at midday really saves you for the rest of the day.

The last shot is my parting cup of coca leaf tea with the desert!

I’ll be back soon…..

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Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space001 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space002 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space003 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space004 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space005 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space006 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space007 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space008 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space009 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space010 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space011 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space012 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space013 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space014 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space015 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space016 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space017 Adventure_cycle_touring_desert_MOON_brendon_tyree_space018

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    • bt_admin

      Ahh cheers Bex Got my eye out for those Banditos, although at the moment I’m more scared of the Very close thunder and lightening making my ears ring and lighting up the tent oooof, see you and Dan for the mother of all catch ups in a few weeks x