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The Jungle – From the – south up
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The Jungle

Riding through the Amazonian Tropics of northern Peru heading towards Colombia was again pretty full on but Amazing at the same time.

The humidity meant my hands were constantly slipping off the bars and I could no longer camp on the floor due to the fire ants, also my trusty high tech navigation tool (google maps on the phone) started to fail me because most of the roads we’re off grid.

This meant a total change of mindset, Instead of looking for interesting off road shortcuts like I had been doing all the way up, I was now looking for as many ‘proper’ official roads as possible to keep me safe and on route.

Heading north from Santa Maria to Pucallpa Immediately felt like the unknown again, no backpackers, no banks, no buses, just small roads and risky forest trail shortcuts pointing towards the various towns I had marked on a decaying piece of paper taped to my bar bag.

Some of the high trails made me feel like a roller coaster test pilot not knowing if the next stretch of trail could lead into a river and looking at some of the rivers here you wouldn’t last five min’s if you fell in.

Sleeping in a Hammock was nicer than you would Imagine and I soon got used to the loud forest noise at night, but the bites were hard to get used to. A few days in I got a swollen leg due to it reacting with the bites and it hurt to walk on but was ok for riding so I just carried on and it eventually shrunk back down to it’s original size within 4 or 5 days.

All in all a really cool experience riding in the Jungle but as soon as the sun starts to set, the relentless biting Insects can be a bit of a pain so super strength repellent would have been a better addition to my kit rather than the ‘off the shelf ‘stuff I was carrying.

Travelling further and further up north I saw some really cool beings such as red & blue parrot type birds, massive lizards and small monkeys all hanging around in their natural habitat along side me who was all alone and not in my natural habitat in turn Intensifying the experience times a million.

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