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Crossing the largest Salt Flats in the world – From the – south up
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Crossing the largest Salt Flats in the world

The Salar De Uyuni Is the largest salt flat in the world covering over 4000 sq miles.

Again 4000sq miles doesn’t look that big at home on google earth but when you try and cross it it bloomin well is.

Another unworldly place to add to the list, this place felt even dryer than the desert which was quite  a surprise.

The salt here Is so hard, you have to pre-drill a hole with a knife and then hammer the tent pegs in, having done that though they we’re in they were in pretty solid!!

The salt varies as you ride along from a watery reflective surface to ridged bumpy little hexagonal shaped little salt walls that feels just like riding on frozen snow.

It sure was a strange place to be especially when you get towards the middle and there is just yourself surrounded  by pure white nothingness.

Coming from a WSW direction  it was a hell of a short cut compared with the road although I’m glad it wasn’t any bigger.

Approaching the land on day 2 was a nice feeling , there was an actual shoreline of dark rock so I felt just like a little boat coming in to land after a couple of days at sea.

What a place to ride.

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Comments (2)

  1. rebecca

    You’re cycling and camping on the salt plain, that’s both amazing and very challenging…are some parts covered in water?

    • bt_admin

      Hi Bex Yea it was about -6 degrees c at night but on the plus side…. really easy to find flat level ground =) Yes about 10 km towards the middle from the road closest to Uyuni it’s covered in water but it depends on the rain. you only need a day of rain and it soon fills up Jeez, you can’t really get stranded though because it#s only about 3 cm deep so you can just ride straight through it. Dan sent me the Dimitri from Paris night photo’s…. gutted I missed that one, looked ace =)