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Rest day Cowboy style

After Riding through the Desert for what feels like months I finally came accross a town called San Pedro de Atacama  which is fully on the backpacker circuit but a welcome rest all the same.

I checked in a farm hut type place on the outskirts and met a great Chilean couple who we’re on holiday from Santiago, They welcomed me with open arms to hang around with them to I spent a day drinking wine BBQ’ing and chatting via google translate.

The town was like a cross between another Mexican town and Marrakech, really cool place and amazing to see three ATM’s!! I was only expecting one.

Took a horse out up Death Valley for the evening which was pretty cool, I forgot how agile horses are, they can get up anything, cliffs, deep sand the lot amazing things, pretty expensive to take on a plane though I would have thought.

Loads of lovely street dogs here too with some added cats as well, the cats we’re loving the remains of the BBQ.

The last picture is my desert farm editing and communication office where I’m writing this from right now with WiFi and Spotify banging out some St Germain.

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    • bt_admin

      I don’t know what that means Alexander, you’ll have to learn english if you want to be president of Santiago!!! I do know what Jeniffer means though ahhhhhhhhhh oooooggggggg JENIFFER!!!!!!!

    • bt_admin

      You’re not Joking Matt Jeez horses and asses don’t go well aat all, 3 hours riding = 3 days bottom recovery time.