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Patagonian fJords and the Carratera Austral – From the – south up
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Patagonian fJords and the Carratera Austral

The Carratera Austral is probably the most epic road in the world to ride on.

It’s quite wild though meaning slow going on the bike in a nice way…. gravel road – Boat trip – gravel road – boat trip.

The bike is really in it’s element too, this type of terrain is is exactly what the bike was built for. Hitting rocks and holes with all this weight on must be butting some serious strain through the frame and thin pannier racks especially on the proper off road sections whilst hunting for camp spots, Don’t know how it’s still in one piece to he honest.

Disk brakes are a risk on the maintenance side but the effortless power on long mountain downhills is more than worth the risk (touch wood)

The stars are pretty cool too, probably not as good as they’re going to be in the Atacama desert in a week or so but still pretty cool, take a at the shot below from last nights camp.

The only thing that is a pain though is the millions of  hybrid  bee like / massive biting fly things that detect you as soon as you stop riding and they properly sink their drinking straw straight through your clothes, but it’s not gentle like most considerate Insects, it’s like having a blood sample taken. definitely bring a fly swatter if you ever do this route!!

At the end of the road I slept on the beach with some awesome little street dogs at the ferry port  then it was on the 12 hour ferry ride through the seemingly infinate untouched Islands and fjords and then onto Quellon where I passed straight through as it wasn’t so nice there in comparison.



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    • bt_admin

      Ahh Thanks Matt, Really nice to hear a friendly voice from home! Yea It’s the coolest adventure ever but at the same time I’m strangely looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone for a good catch up… Hope you’re in tune with the new bike and it’s gaining you some time to spend on your various A-Team Projects!! =)