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Patagonia (south)

After a few long days getting into it and refining my system (s) I now have a little place for everything and loving just cruising and camping out in this epic and really Isolated landscape.

Having no Cafe’s or shops has taken some getting used to though, here you literally have to carry a weeks worth of food, and drink from the rivers, I’m using a Katadyn water filter which is the coolest thing ever for an adventure like this…. Yea ok you could probably drink the water anyway but I can get a few litres hang it in a tree and use it like a tap at my camp spot. Also it turns the water from a milky aqua blue with bits in to perfectly clear with no bits in which is miles more preferable to me anyway.

Camped pretty high up here next to the glaciers, and I can’t even explain how epic it was to be here for a few days just taking it in, the pictures should do the talking.

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South_up_adventure_cycle_touring008 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring009 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring010 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring011 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring012 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring013 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring014 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring015 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring016 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring017 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring018 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring019 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring020 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring021 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring022 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring023

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    • bt_admin

      Cheers Chris, Yea it’s pretty epic and has toughened me up a LOT I can tell thee, There is no one here for hundreds of mikes sometimes, takes some getting used to just seeing LLamas and the odd cowboy =)