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Lycra-up to La Paz – From the – south up
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Lycra-up to La Paz


The road to Lapaz was a few hundred miles of welcome potholed tarmac and gravel which felt like luxury.

I donned the Assos Lycra, used the bar bag to get me into aero mode and nailed it all the way to La Paz covering about 80 miles per day which was a record so far.

La Paz is like a massive and very deep gash in the earth when you look at it from the approaching city of El Alto.  Lapaz is 3650m high which is crazy for a city so huge, it looks like you could wing suit base jump into the city centre it’s so steep.

I arrived at rush hour so was a shock to the system but the panniers really help in extreme traffic chaos as you look much bigger, I google mapped the ass off my phone to finally find my hotel in the Miraflores area of the city centre.

Here I lay my bike to rest and headed out to the annual festival of ‘thanks to mother nature’ where all the different indigenous people mixed with modern city groups parade around wearing their traditional / current dress complete with flags and dancing.

My faves are the last three shots, which are the coolest copper in the world complete with gold Aviators, the most beautiful street dog in the world (apart from my own dog) and this local photographer who I bet makes loads of money and doesn’t spent a second at home on photoshop as he just prints the photo’s off there and then from his handy portable printer.

I also love the guy in the bright pink dragon top and hat for standing out in a crowd! The white dog with the two police men looks like the happiest smiling police dog you’ve ever seen….. proud to be on duty!!


La Paz_travel_photography_festival001 La Paz_travel_photography_festival002 La Paz_travel_photography_festival003 La Paz_travel_photography_festival004 La Paz_travel_photography_festival005 La Paz_travel_photography_festival007 La Paz_travel_photography_festival008 La Paz_travel_photography_festival009 La Paz_travel_photography_festival010 La Paz_travel_photography_festival011 La Paz_travel_photography_festival013 La Paz_travel_photography_festival014 La Paz_travel_photography_festival015 La Paz_travel_photography_festival016 La Paz_travel_photography_festival017 La Paz_travel_photography_festival018 La Paz_travel_photography_festival019 La Paz_travel_photography_festival020 La Paz_travel_photography_festival021 La Paz_travel_photography_festival022 La Paz_travel_photography_festival023 La Paz_travel_photography_festival024 La Paz_travel_photography_festival025 La Paz_travel_photography_festival026 La Paz_travel_photography_festival027 La Paz_travel_photography_festival028 La Paz_travel_photography_festival029 La Paz_travel_photography_festival030 La Paz_travel_photography_festival032 La Paz_travel_photography_festival034 La Paz_travel_photography_festival035 La Paz_travel_photography_festival036 La Paz_travel_photography_festival038 La Paz_travel_photography_festival039 La Paz_travel_photography_festival040 La Paz_travel_photography_festival042 La Paz_travel_photography_festival043 La Paz_travel_photography_festival044 La Paz_travel_photography_festival045



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