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Lake Titicaca – From the – south up
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Lake Titicaca

This lake is the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,812 meters.

It doesn’t feel like a lake though, it’s more like riding next to the sea it’s so big. Boats, beaches and a horizons., maybe if it was salt water it would be called the sea of Titicaca.

My first encounter with the lake was a little boat ride to cut the corner from the Bolivian side to the Peruvian bit. Here are some shots (below) from my phone showing how old skool the boats were.

The passenger (and bicycles) boat was rustic enough and felt like a scene from enter the dragon just before the Karate fight breaks out, but on reaching the other side I was loading up the bike and saw these wooden ferries carrying full passenger coaches, my eyes nearly popped out as they were just a few planks of wood with a coach on top…. essentially a raft.

Riding the shores of the lake was a nice few days, very up and down with loads of nice quiet places to camp on the shore / beach.

Many of the villages plant herbs and flowers too so they looked and smelled really nice, plenty of farm animals too just randomly tied up at the side of the road, bulls, goats, pigs, sheep and plenty of the usual rural dog chases going on.  I have been chased by so many dogs now that it’s more like a game and I’m really not bothered at all, I just have a little sprint and it’s usually over within 20 seconds although it’s not so good on a climb.

All in all I loved it here, perfect for taking in the views of the water from your bike on the epic roads carved out of the coastal (ish) cliffs, also very nice for wild camping too.

Finishing on wild camping though a few nights ago I was camping about 20 miles south Copacabana town and after midnight there was the biggest thunder storm you have ever seen /heard. It was like the world was breaking up and ending. I was so so scared lying there in my sleeping bag with this going on right in the same place as my camp spot. The lightening lit my whole tent up and the thunder was Instantaneous and actually made my ears ring…. Imagine that!! I was just like my dog on fireworks night curled up in a ball and on the verge of crying.

I found out a week later that the warm air rising from the amazon hits the cooler air from the Andes, apparently it’s a cocktail to produce earthly power like no other place on earth.

The next morning I felt extra calm just sat in the lake doing my laundry and sipping coffee in the morning sun. all the Images of my lightening frazzled corpse had long gone.



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  1. Sp8ty

    Hi Bren, just going through all your photos of this great journey . fantastic mate.looks brilliant. take care Speighty

    • bt_admin

      Hi Garry, will do Thanks mate, look forward to seeing you for a spring catch up at the end of march matey!!