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Octopus and a moonbase en route to Puerto Montt. – From the – south up
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Octopus and a moonbase en route to Puerto Montt.

One of the coolest things about travelling this much on a bicycle is the ever changing landscape and climate especially travelling north.

At the moment a lot of the places are looking a lot like England in the summer although the houses are made of wood with tin roofs and the roads are like the video above.

After 80 or so miles on remote roads like this I’m never going to complain about British Roads again, these roads zap the energy straight out of your legs but combine that, with being fully loaded and going uphill in the heat it’s pretty tough going. Still it’s pretty cool to be in real places this far from the backpacker circuits.

As I drew closer to Puerto Montt today I stopped at a locals fishing place / mini boat yard and saw the guy pictured bringing an octopus up the beach to sell, this happened just as I was boiling up some rice so I purchased an arm (well half an arm) and cooked it up, Pretty fresh hey.

I also passed the most mental house I’ve ever seen, it was being built for someone who must be a real space lover like myself. I would certainly love to go to that house warming party!! I bet the owners are positively bonkers, probably wearing star trek costumes as normal day wear and drive a car like the ship from the film ‘flight of the navigator’ (with wheels)

On another unexpected futuristic chernobyle esque twist I had a good look around this old power station pictured below then I finally found a nice coffee shop in Puerto Montt where I’m writting this from now.




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Comments (2)

  1. Dean

    Love it Brendon, well impressed! Always a great read… some great images too mate, I’d love to see some of those places. Also you’ll be stupidly fit on the bike once back home. Take care and enjoy 🙂

    • bt_admin

      Cheers Deano, yea should be strong in the wind but it’s slow going so might not be so fast in the lung dept, maybe I’ll bring back some cocoa leaves to chew on they’re awesome!!