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Bolivian Sand Road to Uyuni – From the – south up
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Bolivian Sand Road to Uyuni

This is the stretch of road that the guy in Santiago said I wouldn’t be able to ride.

Sadly it was looking like he might be right after all.

As soon as the road started to climb, the desert instantly gave way to spiky little bushes and leaping Llamas, the huge skies here are amazing and so are the snow capped 5,000 m high mountains too. But like the guy said it’s just too hard if your on a time limit like myself, after half a day pushing and covering about 8 uphill miles in the sand I set up my shelter and contemplated hitching a lift with one of the many 4 wheel drives that were whizzing past all the time as I have to climb from 2,000m to 4,000m.

If I had a year to do the trip I probably would have pushed just for my own inner kudos. I didn’t factor roads as hard as this onto my daily chunks of cycling South America so I hitched a lift until the road became a flat firm road again.

The dude was an amazing driver literally drifting passed other 4wd’s all the way, and tied the bike of the roof pretty firm too although it doesn’t look too safe hey.

Saw some cool rock formations, hundreds of Llamas and the last shot if my first view of proper Bolivian people.

This was also the quickest and easiest border crossing so far, walked in a porter cabin and the guy just stamped my passport without even looking at me or it…. awesome =)

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Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography001 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography002 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography003 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography004 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography005 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography006 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography007 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography008 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography009 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography010 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography011 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography012 Ccle_touring_uyuni_boivia_adventure_travel_photography013

Comments (2)

  1. David Pank

    Hitched a lift?!
    Looking forward to hearing all the tales when you get back to the UK…slide show in the Broadfield I think!!

    • bt_admin

      Yea that would be great dude, Just seen a picture of the new ‘larger’ fish tank…. awesome mate, that has really made my day thinking of him getting more space to swim around in…. bet he thinks he’s won the fishtank lottery.
      Good work mate, see you in a few weeks =)