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Magallanes y la Antarctica

Leaving the Dark English winter behind and heading this far south is a huge contrast especially In December as the sun here barely sets here being their summer solstice.

On the way down I met a lady on the plane who worked for The Times and was heading off on a one month Antarctic Trip from Punta Arenas where we were landing, It sounded amazing. It’s only when she asked me where I was heading that the gravity of this expedition hit me. Her eyebrows raised as soon as I said ‘the Caribbean coast of Colombia by bicycle’ and so did the question marks in my head when I heard myself say it.

What the heck though I was on the plane now and had a good healthy 3 months to make the plane back from Cartagena, all I have to do is average 55- 60 miles a day and I’ll make it. My plan is to aim for 80 miles a day based on my fitness as this will buy me a few days off but in all honesty I’m not sure how much the massive amount of weight I’m carrying will affect distance I’ll be able to cover.

South_up_adventure_cycle_touring001 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring002 South_up_adventure_cycle_touring003

Leaving the Hotel was a nice feeling I walked with the bike to the Harbor, looked for the road heading north, loaded up my own little ship and set sail.

Wow I’m actually off!!!!

The bike feels amazing, far better that I thought and somehow the weight feels like it helps keep you stable when the wind is as strong as it is here. Today I Just have to cross the town and a few Isolated villages then I should be in my first planned camp spot by a lovely lake 50 miles north of Punta Arenas. The weather forecast is not looking too good but I have enough gear to face anything so lets see.



Well can’t get any worse than this for camping weather. The morning after was quite deep and the penguins looked like they we’re really at home but the cold was Kicking in a bit so I didn’t spend any time getting close enough for photo of the penguins,  instead got on the surprisingly snow free road off towards the mountains of Patagonia.

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    • bt_admin

      Hi Fernando, Thank you for the kind words on the photo’s….. it feels like a long time since i met you on that Internal flight to Puntas Arenas jeez. hope you are well and enjoyed your time at home for Christmas. Keep In touch Rergards Bren =)