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Lago General Carrera – From the – south up
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Lago General Carrera

It’s about 200 miles around lake General Carerra. When I was at home looking on google earth I planned to ride around it, but stood here looking across, I’m thinking about Investing the time with my phrase book, finding the boat ticket office and hoping my last 8000 pesos will bag me a ticket when it next heads off from here.

After Getting a ticket I just chilled at the harbor for a really nice 6 hours in the sun (which is extra strong here) and then I was setting sail to the other side smiling at the miles I had saved my poor sore legs from going through.

During the ferry boat trip, I was also smiling with praise at my Ortleib Waterproof set up on the bike. The reason for this was that the boat crew made me park the bike with all the cars right at the front and when the water got choppy the bike was literally submerged and getting soaked with waves and spray, but apart from my guide book strapped to the front rack everything was as dry as a bone as per usual!!

The other side of the lake was back to being fully remote again and the town of Ibanez must have about 100 people living there at the most. Despite this I managed to find someone who let me camp in their garden so again, I had power and running water plus a tree bike Jig to tune the old rear mech back in now that the new cables had done their stretching….. Get in!!!





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